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3 Popular Cleaning Solutions that Can be Used to Clean Gold

Although there are a number of cleaning solutions specially prepared to clean gold, and which you can purchase, there are others that you can create just by preparing some of them at home.

So, here are 3 popular solutions that can be used to clean gold:

#1: Ammonia Solution

A proven method to clean gold includes mixing ammonia solution with water. For this, you have to mix one part ammonia solution with six parts of warm water. Remember not to soak the items in this solution for longer than a minute or else it will damage the finish as a result. After doing this, rinse it under warm water and dry the gold with polishing cloth.

#2: Dish Soap Mixture

Another way to clean gold effectively is to prepare a solution which mixes a few drops of dishwashing soap with soda water. If you don't have soda water, then you can use warm water although it won't work just as well. This is for the simple reason that carbonation really helps the cleaning process along. Place the jewelry in the solution for about 15 minutes and then scrub it with a soft thistle brush. Remember that the thistles have to be soft or else the jewelry will get damaged. After this, rinse it in warm, running water and dry with soft polishing cloth.

#3: Using a Clean Cloth

If you have gold jewelry with gemstones, then the previous two methods can damage them. The safest way to clean this type of jewelry is to dip a clean cloth in dish soap solution while wiping them down. Now clean these items with a clean cloth  which is dampened in tap water. Also, place the pieces upside down so as to prevent the water from soaking into the setting.