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4 Tips to Clean Diamond Rings

If you possess a diamond ring and wear it regularly, chances are that a layer of dirt and grime will prevent it from looking its best. And by best, nothing beats a diamond that sparkles, right? Which brings us to why it is important to clean a diamond the right way, while avoiding the use of harsh chemicals or even vigorous scrubbing. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind when cleaning diamond rings so that it retains its shine: #1: Use a mild detergent and a soft brush Since a lot of gunk does accumulate over time, the safest way to clean a diamond ring is to use a mild detergent in warm water as well as a soft brush to clean the ring. Finally, dry it with a lint-free cloth #2: For stubborn dirt If some dirt refuses to go away, and there's every chance of this happening, using a dental irrigation device like Water Pik to flush away the dirt. A wooden toothpick can do the trick to remove dirt away from the diamond. #3: The Use of Ammonia It all depends on whether the diamond ring in question is fracture-filled or not. If it is, then a milder detergent solution is the best choice while if it isn't fracture-filled, then a solution of ammonia and water works very well too. The reason why it depends on whether the diamond is fracture-filled or not, is because the ammonia will remove or affect the coating on the diamond. #4: Avoid Chlorine The compound chlorine can affect fine jewelry causing it to lose some of its sheen. Hence, it is a good idea to either wear gloves or take the rings off if and when you are exposed to this chemical or other abrasive chemicals as well.