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A Note on Skin Discoloration Due to Jewelry

Almost all of us have experienced a situation where our skin has green or black marks due to the jewelry we wear.

However, it should be said that this type of staining isn’t caused by an allergy but actually a reaction between our skin and jewelry especially in areas which perspire a lot.

While a number of metals (which will be discussed later!) causing a discoloration to your skin, copper jewelry turns your skin green. Of course, it might not be pure copper but might have just about enough to change the color of your skin to green. In some cases, some people might have this reaction even if a small amount of the metal is present.

Sterling silver is another alloy containing 7.5% copper and which turns the skin black. This usually occurs when the metal tarnishes. Even though jewelry is coated with products that can prevent the tarnishing of a metal, it soon wears off.

Gold, by nature, never causes discoloration of the skin but it is usually the other metals that are mixed with this metal itself. Some of the metals that are responsible for this are nickel, silver and copper.

On the other hand, gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry can cause reactions as the thin layer of gold that wear off can expose one to the metals while it takes much longer with gold-filled jewelry.

Finally, Nickel doesn’t just cause discoloration of the skin but also makes the skin red and itchy when it comes into contact with your body.