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Break Fashion Rules and Look Great with the Right Jewelry

fashion-jewelry-2Article by freshboutiqueinc.com.

Whether they’re spoken or not, explicit or vague, everyone knows there are certain rules to fashion and, for the most part, everyone sticks to them. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, if fashion is meant to grab the right kind of attention, one of the best ways to do that is by breaking the rules. Keep reading for some easy ways how.

Try dressing up casual clothes with expensive jewelry. Even the fake variety can work here. You’ll need to do it with a playful tact so people don’t think you’re unaware of the effect, but pairing a casual sundress with some sparkly earrings can create a beautiful juxtaposition.

Pick your jewelry from a variety of materials. Everyone has used metals, for example, since the beginning of time. More and more people have turned to wood, for example, for their jewelry and the look is amazing. Years ago, watches made from wood hit the scene. Thankfully they’re not so well accepted that everyone’s wearing them, but they still look great. Any wood jewelry will grant you a unique and fun vibe. They go best with casual clothing, but you know what they say about rules.

Speaking of fun materials, you can’t go wrong with the recycled variety. Recycling is as important, and trendy, as ever. Look for the variety that is made from aluminum, glass and metals that are on their second lives.

Jewelry can be more than an accessory. Break the rules and make it the centerpiece of your look.