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Coin Collecting as a Hobby

Coin collecting has been a hobby for people who are coin enthusiasts. It has been around since the invention of the concept of money. A gold coin from different eras of time is one of the most coveted type of coin by coin collectors all over the world. Coin values differ from time to time and a value of a coin may depreciate or increase in time. Morgan dollars are silver coins made by the United States government in the late 1800's and was circulated until the early 1900's. It features the side of the face of Lady Liberty on one side and an eagle holding an olive branch and some arrows on the other side. It can cost as little as $36 and as much as $332,500 depending on its grade. Coin collectors have a system on how to grade collectible coins. The lowest grade is Good and the highest being Mint State, which means that a third party grading company has graded it a “65”. A “65” is the highest grade a coin can get, this means that the coin is in most excellent condition possible. The value of a Morgan dollar also depends on the current prices of silver in the market. Coin collectors look for coins that are in good condition, only then will it be deemed collectible. Today, coin enthusiasts can either sell or buy coins online. However, when buying coins online, make sure you take necessary precautions to avoid buying fake coins.