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Coin Value and Coin Dealers

A coin dealer is a person who trades, buys or sells coins for coin collectors all over the world. They are the ones responsible for determining a coin's value. The value of a coin may depend on what year it was in circulation, its over all condition and its face value. A coin dealer is not just one who buys and sells coins, most of the time they are coin collectors themselves. If you are a beginner coin collector and would like to appraise a value of a coin, coin dealers can help in determining the approximate value of a coin basing it on its grade, kind and origins. There are many things that determines a value of the coin. Coin collectors and dealers alike have certain things they look for in order to determine how much a coin is worth. A coin can cost as little as $30 and as much as $500,000. Old coins have to be deemed with a good face value before its price can be determined. Being rare is one of the things that make a coin worth a lot of money. For coin collectors, it is not just the price that matters but the fulfillment of completing a collection. Gold coins are the most valuable coins there are, because of gold's high density, it is much more difficult to fake as compared to other coins like silver and copper. Coins are often made 90% pure combined with 10% of copper. Silver coins come in close second because gold has been harder to get hold of these days.