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Diamond Color Treatments – What You Need to Know

It’s common knowledge that the value of a white diamond is almost always affected, thanks to a lack of color. Diamonds with yellow and brownish tones aren’t considered to be as valuable as opposed to diamonds that are without any color – the latter obtain grades of D, E and F to indicate how rare they are. This is where color treatments come in especially to increase the value of diamonds with yellow or brownish tones. So, here are a few color treatments that have been in use in recent times: #1: Diamond Coatings This type of treatment isn’t a permanent one and is usually done to trick the buyer. Yellowish tints can be blocked with certain substances while others such as blue or purple ink are painted on the diamond so as to achieve the same effect. #2: Irradiation combined with high heat treatment Turning diamonds with yellow and brown tints into colored diamonds that are widely sought after can be done by using the process of irradiation and high heat treatment. The color change is permanent to greens, vivid yellows, blues, purples and reds. However, there’s every chance that the color can change if high heat is used in future repairs. #3: High Pressure High Heat Treatment This type of treatment is used to turn diamonds with both yellow and brown tints into fancy colored and white diamonds. Some experts believe that this isn’t a treatment at all but instead a process used to finish what nature started. This has led to some controversy in the diamond industry. For customers, if they don’t mind these altered diamonds, the only thing that they should keep in mind is that there should be full disclosure when purchasing these type of diamonds.