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Jewellery for mommy and her baby seems to be getting quite popular these days. This type of personalized jewellery, takes infant jewellery to another level. They come in a variety of designs ranging from the use of charms, tags, gemstones, etc. Friendship bands or bracelets started off the trend, which soon moved on to the mommy jewellery fashion - making way for mothers bracelets. These bracelets are usually gifted to a new mommy, at the birth of her newborn. Mothers bracelets are just like charm bracelets, and usually have a tag attached to them, listing out important details of the new baby, such as name, date of birth and sometimes the baby's measurements at birth as well. Mothers bracelets are great gifts - which you can also tie up with a matching gift for the baby as well. This will make a unique gift that not only has sentimental value but will also be a much treasured piece of jewellery. Some mothers bracelets, instead of tags, come with lettering which spells out names or even favourite words. The most commonly used words on mothers bracelets are 'love' and 'abundance'. Other popular gifts for infants are pearl baby bracelets and even birthstone bracelets. Ensure that you get the right measurement for these, as getting the size right for baby bracelets are very important. The usual size is around 4 inches, while larger babies will need a 5 inch bracelet. If you are unsure, buy the usual 4 inch bracelet along with an extension chain, which ensures that the baby can wear the bracelet for the next few years.



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