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3 Inexpensive Options for Engagement Rings

A common question asked by people wish to buy engagement rings often is how much should be spent on an engagement ring. The recommendation is usually two months of your salary but it’s wise to not take the advice of people who tend to benefit from your sale and have no idea of how much you can really afford. With that said, here are 3 inexpensive option for engagement rings: #1: Solitaire Rings The first option would be to take a look at solitaire rings where certain selections would cost you anywhere between $620 to $999 and in particular, where the diamonds are set in 14K gold. Keep in mind that the cost of a diamond would increase with carat size while choosing platinum over white or yellow gold might be more expensive. So,choose with care, keeping costs in mind. #2: Sapphire Rings The next option would be to opt for an engagement ring that does away with the diamond, as unthinkable as that might seem. In their place, one can opt for synthetic sapphires which are just durable and clear as gemstones obtained from the earth. It goes without saying that its cost is just as attractive. They’re usually available in colors such as pink and blue. #3: Eternity Rings Diamond bands, also known as eternity rings, are usually an excellent alternative to solitaire rings that won’t require one to watch out for. Most of them are priced below $1000 and some of them cost less than $500. Some of these eternity rings use sapphire stones as well.