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Cardinal Points of Gold Jewelry

The west, east, south and north of the styles of gold are found all over India. Jewelry design in this country has a lot of influence from the people living in it. Painters and sculptors have disobeyed the limits that exist between the imaginary, the ideal and the real. A lot of writers used gold to provide great visual images. Back in the day, rulers of the land owned jewelry as a statement of their prestige and power. From older times, women in India have been quite creative in their use of jewelry. The diversity tradition of India left its print on the design of the jewelry and you can see different nuances in the design, depending on the region where they’re from. You can see inspiration taken from dance, architecture and different religious customs. In north India, women enjoy exquisite jewelry and they also like experimenting with different design types, like antique embellishments and finishes. In south India, women use different types of jewelry than those from the north. In most cases it will be flaunted, worn and enjoyed, for everyone to see, even if the situation doesn’t require great accessories. A lot of women started using body jewelry lately, right a gold made scarf or a gold sheath. A lot of the jewelry used in the south will have an antique design, like the chains made out of coins, called Kasu-malai. In east India, you will find jewelry with a great quality, handcrafted with care. In most cases the parts are filigree and made of wire, but they are done manually, since machines can’t do it. For over five hundred years, the jewelers from Bengal have used the art of wire work. In west India, jewelry is extremely diverse and different from one region to another. The one thing they have in common is the use of gold in their jewelry.



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