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Wooden Jewelry

Wooden jewelry has a natural and elegant look that a lot of people appreciate. The designer uses a number of different types of wood to carve great looking pieces of jewelry, made with different patterns and designs. These wooden pieces of jewelry have the natural color of the wood or are colored artificially in some cases. These pieces of jewelry will be made according to different specs, to suit the needs and tastes of many people. When you make a piece of wooden jewelry, you need to pay attention to color, details and to the design. The wood used for these pieces is either naturally or artificially seasoned, to make sure the jewelry has enough longevity in it. The natural type of seasoning is about wetting the wood, while the artificial seasoning is about keeping the wood in an environment that is controlled. There are two main types of wood that is used for jewelry, and they are classified as hardwood or softwood. Softwood types include Poplar, Mongo, Haldu, Kadam and Cheed. Hardwood types include Rosewood, Sheesham, Teak and Ebony. There are other sub-categories, under the hard and soft wood main categories. These subcategories are determined by the grain or the wood natural texture. For example, woods like Kadam, Haldu, Poplar or Mango don’t have any grain, while Teak does. If you want a light shade color, go for the Kanju or Poplar, while for darker shades you should choose Tun, Ebony and Rosewood. With the wide variety of finishes that one can choose from when he makes wood jewelry, the number of choices available to customers is endless. They can look great if designed properly and give your outfit a bit of class. You can find them both in unpolished and polished form. Carved, painted, dyed, polished or perforated, these jewels are loved by many.



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