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Jewelry History

There are a lot of forms that jewelry takes. It can be beaded, it can be made out of gemstones or out of gold, it can take the form of ancient or modern designs and it can influence the look of people differently, depending on who wears them. While they might look similar to the old designs, jewelry has went through a lot of changes over the time, improving all the time. Even now, in modern times, designers find inspiration in the ancient designs of jewelry. It’s not easy putting the modern jewelry in the same categories as the ancient ones, as they are very different. The jewelry that was found initially in India is known as ancient. These jewels include beads, earrings, seals, amulets and many others. Looking at the ancient gold coins found in India, we find out about the flowers, gods, birds and animals that were important in those times, along with their religious and social culture. If you take a look at the leg and arm ornaments from those times, you will find out a bit about the personality of the person that was wearing them. Since ancient times, Indians have used head jewelry, which consisted of nose rings, tikkas, bindis, ear ornaments and forehead ornaments. They have been passed from generation to generation, so present families have them. Rulers had their own special jewelry, that wasn’t found on regular people, and that was turban jewelry. These turbans were worn by kings and they were full of gemstones and they were finely crafted by the best artisans of the time. Because they have a specific design to the area where they were made, you can trace them back in time to their regions. Some of the most important pieces of Indian jewelry were necklaces and pendants and no jewelry history would be complete without them.



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