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A Guide to ARCA Jewelry

Antique coin jewelry is a rare treasure.  These elegant pieces of jewelry are made by hand from artifacts from historical time periods.  Women’s coin rings are either gold or silver.  Most gold coins are Roman and silver are Greek.  This means that you can choose from the Greek or Roman rulers, symbols, goddesses and nymphs. Each exquisite piece of coin pendants jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity. At ARCA Jewelry, their certificate of authenticity shows the coin that is enlarged so you can see the hand created detail that went into the jewelry.  The certificate also has the date, certificate number, country of origin and denomination.  The bottom part of the certificate shows the meaning of the coin.  Some of the Ancient Greek symbols include Histiaia, Epidamos, Larissa and Athena. ARCA Jewelry is located online at arcajewelry.com.  They have a free coin guide that is available in PDF format.  It tells the history of the coin along with coin information sheets.  The information sheets are a reference guide to get further information on the most popular coins that ARCA has.  If you need more information on a specific coin or time period, there are many good books on the market for further information.  Also available on the website is a company catalog, a wholesalers’’ credit application and a sales order form with credit card authorization.  You can see some of their jewelry line on YouTube and they have their own Facebook page.