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A Note on Mood Rings

So, why are mood rings called so? It’s very simple - the reason why a mood ring (or any other form of mood jewelry) is called so is because this type of jewelry is said to determine one’s moods. Considering the day and age we live in, can this piece of jewelry actually determine one’s changing moods? The answer to that question, as vague as it sound, is ‘sort of’. Since a change in body temperature usually occurs due to emotional changes, the quartz or glass with liquid crystal in a mood ring (since it is in contact with our skin) picks up these changes and results in the shift in color of the ring itself. As simplistic as this might sound, one must ask themselves how they respond emotionally to different situations. Do you feel cold when you are frightened or warm when you are excited? As our body reacts to different situations by a change in temperature, the crystals pick up these changes and for all practical purposes, function just as sensitively as a fever-detecting strip would do when placed on a sick person’s forehead. So what does each color change in the mood ring indicate?
  1. Violet or dark blue means that you are in a romantic or relaxed mood.
  2. Blue indicates that you are happy and content.
  3. Green or blue-green indicates that you are in a normal mood – not necessarily content but not unhappy either.
  4. The colors from yellow to amber means that you are nervous or edgy while brown or gray means you are really stressed out.
  5. Last of all, if the color changes to dark gray or black, it means that you totally stressed out. It is advisable to remove the ring at this point or else it could break.