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A Short Note on Pearl Quality and their Grades

Pearl Quality Article Written by : Gel Conet If there’s anything that’s true of pearl jewelry, it is the fact that nothing goes better with a dressing gown than the right kind of pearls. However, it’s difficult for men to know what women like much less when it comes to jewelry. Keeping this mind, here are a few tips on various pearl grades based on their “quality”: #1: A/ A+ This grade indicated the lowest quality of pearls that can be obtained. Usually they’re out of shape and can only be moderately matched. You will also find that they might also have blemishes, brown spots, wrinkles, cracks and dimples. #2: AA Unlike the previous grade, this one is relatively better since they have fair to good luster and can be matched well too. #3: AA+ This grade of pearls is perfectly round and well-matched as well. Not only is their luster sharper than the AA grade and an indicator of that is the fact that one can see their own reflection in the pearls too. #4: AAA Touted as “gem-quality” pearls, this grade of pearls has less than 5 % inclusions on its surface or none along with a luster that is sharper than the AA+ grade. With a glowing surface that is translucent, these pearls have little to no variation in shapes, and which is a perfect match as a necklace. #5: HANADAMA The term “Hanadama” is associated with the rose color, and which is why this grade of pearls are known as ‘flower pearls’. This term is used to identify the color of the pearls if they have excellent luster and nacre. Akoya pearls are considered to be the highest quality pearls in the market today.