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Christian Jewelry and the Millennial Movement

More than any other age group in modern history, millennials are far less engaged in organized religion. Subsequently, Christian jewellery these days emphasizes the spiritual bonds that are linked to individuality rather than the historical aspects of Jesus Christ and the religious affiliations. Even for those millennials that do closely identify with Christianity, the majority of them tend to cultivate their own perspective of how they align themselves with the church and the religious community. There are still those, however, that hold intensely deep and personal feelings for their faith, and wearing Christian jewellery is one way in which to exude their sense of pride. Many young women from the Millennial generation wear traditional crosses, while many others were new interpretations of the classic design, such as sideways crosses or larger crosses that hang midway down the torso. Regardless of how this generation wears religious jewellery, they are all making a personal statement about what they stand for and their commitment to their own personal spiritual direction. These latest reiterations of traditional Christian jewellery do not necessarily mean that millennials are veering away from the more organized aspects of the faith. In fact, these latest emerging trends have added a layer of excitement in the fashion industry as it relates to younger women that are now determining the direction of where the industry goes next. As Christian jewellery continues to transform, the new modern twist has been embraced as a chic and sophisticated option for the young, fashion forward woman. Article written by Christian.Jewelry. Offering a wide selection of Christian jewellery available in both Silver and Gold. Styles include classics like cross pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and chains.