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Cubic Zirconium Jewelry Sets are Perfect for Any Occasion

When it comes to special occasions, women love to receive and wear jewelry. Cubic zirconium is the ideal substitute for diamonds; a solid platinum fake diamond ring made from cubic zirconium is indistinguishable from a diamond ring of the same make. Even trained gemologists need to administer tests to distinguish between the two stones. Jewelry is such a wonderful and thoughtful gift. You don’t need much of a reason to give it to your loved ones, but some of the most notable occasions are anniversaries, birthdays, birth of a son or daughter, graduation gift, or a promise ring. Sometimes the cost of good jewelry is above your price range, which is why cubic zirconium jewelry is the perfect substitute for diamonds.  They are a fraction of the cost, and they are just as beautiful. Cubic zirconium is a man-made stone that is the closest thing that you can find to a diamond. There are a few perks of cubic zirconium, however, that may be better than a diamond.  Diamonds are rarely flawless and colorless, and those are extremely expensive. Cubic zirconia is man-made under strict conditions, so nearly all of them are completely flawless and colorless, at a fraction of the cost. According to the website diff en , a flawless or nearly flawless 1 carat diamond will cost $4,000 or more; a 1 carat flawless cubic zirconia costs $10. A unique thing about cubic zirconium is the different colors that can be superimposed into the stone. Since it is man-made, different elements can be added to create different colors, such as yellow, orange, red, green, purple, pink, and golden brown. These colors allow for a great opportunity to create cz jewelry sets in different styles and colors, emulating different precious stones. This is yet another reason to consider these stones as a gift to your significant other for any occasions. Different life celebrations might call for different types of rings and jewelry, and the great thing is that you can have custom items made to fit your loved ones preference. For example, for the birth of a child, you could have a ring made, or necklace, that includes the little one’s birth stone. You can also have it altered in the future to add more birthstones if more children are born. Colored stones are becoming popular as engagement rings, which makes your loved ones jewelry beautiful and unique. Anything you choose will delight your significant other and charm everybody who saw it. Nobody can tell that it’s cubic zirconia, because it is just as exquisite as a diamond.