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Fashionable Through the Years

You may have a completely exuberant penchant for vintage clothing -- both from eras that predate you, and from the eras within the span of your life, which you can easily date yourself -- but no one can deny the enduring allure of vintage jewellery. Clothes wear out, either from repeated outings or from repeated washings, in spite of your best intentions in terms of upkeep. That is not the case with the exquisite jewels found in the avid collector’s box. Quality jewellery, no matter what time period it comes from, can be worn again and again -- its brilliance easily maintained through the years. Have you ever witness, up close, the devotion fashionistas of all stripes display toward Art Deco rings? It’s undeniable. Another thing that’s undeniable is that jewellery, since pretty much the dawn of time as we know it, has always been a smart investment. Gold, diamonds, silver -- regardless of the market’s fluctuations, their inherent value remains. If you’re looking for new jewellery pieces to incorporate into your collection, or if you’re simply looking for your very first significant piece, try shopping online. You’ll find a rich variety of Art Deco and antique rings, bracelets, pendants, and other beauties. Www.cynthiafindlay.com is a place to start.