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Fashion jewelry

What Fashion Pieces Go With Silver?

Silver is a cold tone that goes great with blue shades and pastel colors. A royal blue dress or sheer blue dress shirt will look great when paired with silver jewelry. Light colored pinks, blues, yellows, greens, and purples look great when worn with anything silver, including metallic boots. When wearing trendy Silver Christian jewelry you will want to avoid over wearing silver by layering on clothing pieces, jewelry and shoes. Doing so can make you look like a robot, android, or piece of aluminum foil. Balancing out your pieces to one or two silver items will help you bring your outfit together. Clothes, especially ball gowns and dresses that have a solid background, like a red dress with silver patterns on it can look really beautiful with silver earrings or a simple ring. You can even get away with wearing them with more casual outfits like bootcut jeans and a band t-shirt. Black and turquoise can go especially well with Christian Jewelry that’s been made of metallic elements. Pairing these pieces with black or turquoise as your main color scheme will make dresses, t-shirts, blouses, and pants look organized and fashionable. Make sure to match your shoes to your outfit and jewelry. If your outfit has metallic elements in it, you’ll want to skip shoes that have any of that as well. It’s all about balance. Try wearing a solid colored flat, boot or heel for colder or more dressy occasions. If it’s warm out or you’re dressing casually, try wearing a gladiator or a wedge sandal.