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4 Ways of Making a Diamond Ring Look Larger

Every woman dreams of getting large diamond jewelry. But there’s a catch: the bigger the rock, the more it costs. However, there are ways to work around this, especially if you cannot afford large diamonds for your engagement or marriage.  So, here are 4 ways by which you can make diamonds look larger than they truly are:  #1: Try Shallow-cut diamonds Shallow-cut diamonds aren’t cut as deep as they should be and which is why they look bigger than they actually are. There’s a downside to this: the gain in size causes a loss in brilliance. The reason for this is because the light that passes through the diamond comes out through the back instead of bouncing off the sides of the stone.  #2: Pick a pave-set diamond ring This type of ring isn’t one whole diamond but a series of small ones put together. However, with their surfaces level with each other, they tend to look as one diamond - but more importantly, bigger than they actually are. However, there’s a downside: some of these diamond rings are intricately designed and far more expensive than a larger diamond itself.  #3: Try the illusion settings This setting involves setting the diamond against a mirror-like plate which is set into the band which not only makes it look bigger but also amplifies its brilliance. There’s one problem: it’s more difficult to repair.  #4: Choose a diamond ring with side stones Even if side stones set on either side of a center stone (the diamond) won’t make it look bigger but it does make the overall set look flashier.