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Creative Ways to Use Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is truly a time capsule for those who appreciate style and fashion. These estate rings, necklaces and brooches connect us with our past. Older jewellery can be used in a number of interesting and creative ways. Find a new way to display your favorite piece of jewellery with some of these ideas listed below: One idea for using an old string of beads or faux pearls is to wrap it around a padded headband. You can use double sided sticky take, or sew it on with a matching color thread for a more secure feel. Stylishly wrap your headband around your hair or forehead. You can use this idea to dress your outfit up or down depending on what kind of pearls or beads you use. Estate jewellery can also be used as jacket buttons. Attach an assortment of pins and brooches in the front to make a drab ensemble look fantastic. This creates a point of interest on your clothing as a conversation piece. Vintage pieces are interesting, because if you find them at an antique shop, they often come with a story. Ask the shop owner when you buy estate pins and brooches about where they came from and if they have any special history. Necklaces don't always have to be worn around your neck. Take a chain or beaded necklace and wrap it around your wrist as a chunky bracelet. You can also layer a series of three to five vintage necklaces and hold them together with a brooch. Guest post is provided by Cynthia Findlay Antiques, selling antique rings and vintage jewellery. Visit the website at www.cynthiafindlay.com for more details.