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When looking around for perfect birthstone bracelets, you have to look out for a few things before you decide to make the purchase. Keep in mind that not every jewellery shop stocks the best in quality. Birthstone bracelets also make great gifts. Here is how you can ensure that you get the best value for the money you spend.

First, ensure that the stone used in the bracelet is clear and does not have any streaks in it, especially if the price on it is hefty. Whatever the stone used, it must be rich in colour – as opposed to being multi-coloured or light in colour.

Aquamarines, the birthstone for March should not be scratched, but instead be smooth and flawless. Diamonds, for those born in April will probably be the most expensive birthstone bracelet to be purchased, but must also be scrutinized well in order to assure that the stones have little or no imperfections.

Moving onto June, the birthstone is pearls. Pearls are judged on their shape, size, sheen and colour. The most valuable pearls are rounder, and have a pure white colour to it. A birthstone pearl bracelet will hold a number of pearls and they must be fairly well matched and placed perfectly.

For those born in October, their birthstone bracelets could be made of either pink tourmaline or opals. While pink tourmaline can prove to be hard to find, opals are also beautiful stones and would look great on a bracelet.

Other options for gifts would be name bracelets or even other types of jewellery such as pendants and earrings. If the gift is for a baby – consider getting a baby bracelet.




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