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How to Clean Jewelry at Home

How to Clean Jewelery at HomeArticle by Jack Esmalian of PJ Golds Like anything else, jewelry also gets dirty and their shine or sparkle may be dulled because of dirt. Dirt from everyday things like lotion, make up, body sweat and dust are just a few things that can contribute to jewelry’s dirt. This is why you should learn how to clean your jewelry so that it will stay shiny and sparkling all the time. Different types of jewelry need different types of cleansing agents as well as cleaning instructions. If you are not sure of how to clean and what type of cleanser to use for cleaning, you should consult a jeweller first to be sure that you will not ruin the jewelry. For Gold and Diamonds, a solution made from simple dish washing soap and warm water is enough to clean these types of jewelry. Simply mix the dish washing liquid with warm water and soak the jewelry for a few minutes. Then you can use a soft brush to gently scrub away dirt and then you can dry it with a soft polishing cloth. Gold does not tarnish, so hard cleansers are not necessary to clean gold jewelry. Never use a stiff brush or a scouring pad to clean gold; these will cause ugly scratches on your jewellery. Diamonds are delicate so make sure to take extra care while brushing it. For Silver jewelry, there are special silver polishes for sale in jewelery shops as well as over the internet. All you need to do is apply the silver polish with a polishing cloth and gently scrub it on the silver jewelery until it is shiny.