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Six mistakes brides make when buying wedding jewelry

12Every bride has to make a number of decisions before her big day. One such important decision is choosing her wedding jewelry. With many brides looking for shopping deals and discounts, they often look at online wedding sites for their convenience. Which may end with jewelry the bride is not happy with. Here are six mistakes brides make when buying wedding jewelry.

Upstaging the dress – Your dress should always be your focal point. Therefore, make sure your wedding jewelry elevates your dress and not the other way around.

Buying accessories before the dress – This is a risky decision since you do not really know what your jewelry will actually look like until you physically receive it. If you visit a store and select your pieces, you may have a better chance than buying online. Buy from jewelers that you have already purchased from to make sure you have no surprises.

Not considering colored accessories – Do not totally avoid color, as a pop of color can liven up a classic neutral color scheme.

Forgetting about what suits your skin tone – There are some metals that look best on fair, olive or dark skin tones. For example, fairer skins can carry silver much better than gold.

Mixing is not always a good thing – Avoid mixing gold and silver, as this will make your jewelry look like it was not well thought out.

Buying trendy accessories – You will look at your wedding photos for years to come and trendy choices will not look timeless.