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How to Find a Seasoned Jeweller to Repair Antique and Vintage Pieces

jewelry2Don’t settle for an inexperienced repair service, your precious jewellery pieces depend on their skill level. Antique jewellery requires the utmost care and delicacy when handling them. They can easily be scratched and destroyed with even the lightest physical force. However, accidents happen. If one of your favorite antique engagement rings lost a stone or chipped due to a mishap, here are some tips that will help you restore it back to safety. Bring it to a Jeweller This is the safest route, as you don’t want to go about things on your own and end up damaging it even further. A reputable and experienced jeweller like Cynthia Findlay, of Cynthia Findlay Antiques, will take the time to scope out which specific areas of your jewellery needs repairs. She will then pass along a quote that she believes is needed to fix it. Note that antique and vintage engagement rings are going to cost much more when it comes to repairs due to the age and fragility. The last thing that you want is to drop off your precious vintage band at your local jewellery mart only to find out they “attempted” to fix it, but actually only made it worse. Remember, few jewellers possess the ability to handle age-old jewellery pieces with precision. If you want to choose the best jeweller, you’re going to have to do some in-depth research on them. Not only should you ask them whether or not they’ve had experience working with older jewellery pieces, but you’ll also want to look for testimonials that state the quality of their repairs. Trust is a hard thing to give, especially when you know nothing about the jeweller besides what his or her shop looks like. For the sake of your antique vintage bands and your art deco rings, choose someone with a history of experience.