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Is it appropriate to be wearing jewelry every day?

pimpinArticle Written by : My Cherry Pop

People perceive jewelry as a status symbol. It’s something that tells people that “hey, I can afford the finer things in life, and I’m not ashamed of showing it”. Especially when it comes to jewelry that’s rather expensive with more gold and larger karat stones, it would definitely be normal to assume that the person wearing jewelry is quite wealthy. And so, to answer the question, is it really appropriate to be wearing jewelry every day? The answer would be yes, but a qualified one. It depends on the occasion or activity that you are doing. If you are going to work, it would be a great idea to be wearing jewelry because it is a symbol of success.

People and clients that you deal with would be impressed by the fact that you have some nice jewelry on, but make sure that you keep it modest, you would not want to go over the top by wearing something like a tiara or something too flashy and inappropriate. A nice necklace, a pair of earrings would do. For men, a wristwatch would be considered as an equivalent. And there really isn’t any limit as to the price of the watch that you’re wearing. If you have expensive watches like Rolexes or Cartier watches, wear them to meetings together with your power suit to project an image of confidence and success. That way, you would also impress the clients that you are meeting with. But always remember to keep things modest.

How much jewelry should you put on?

If you’re not a rapper or a pimp, then maybe you should keep that Jesus piece in the jewelry box. And the same goes as well for your pimp chain. Having jewelry on your person does not always mean that you would look classy and elegant. No matter how much that piece of jewelry you have on costs, you can still look tacky if you don’t properly accessorize. Dress appropriately and wear jewelry appropriately as well. There are many principles you can follow when wearing jewelry and one of our favorite principles is “less is more”. Having less jewelry on is actually more classy and elegant. Think Audrey Hepburn in breakfast at Tiffany’s. She didn’t really wear too much jewelry; she had just enough on to look absolutely beautiful and stunning. You also need to consider the place that you’re going to or the occasion when picking out what piece of jewelry to wear. So stick with a pair of earrings and match it a nice watch if you’re planning to go casual, you’ll be good to go. And of course, you would also need to consider the type of jewelry you have on. You wouldn’t want to wear chandelier earrings if you’re just looking to pop into a Starbucks for your morning coffee. And you wouldn’t want to be wearing an intricate and luxurious necklace or bib if you’re just looking to attend your yoga class either. To put it simply, just dress appropriately and you’re good to go.